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        Why I Care

        There has been a lot of talk lately about photographers booking their ‘dream clients.’ People that meet their aesthetic and love to hike, travel the world, and shop at Whole Foods. (not exactly, but you get the point) Listen, I don’t care where you buy your groceries or if you eat at Taco Bell every night.

        You and your relationship are what matter to me. I want you to feel comfortable being exactly who you are. It doesn’t matter how much your outfits cost or who did you hair.


        Your relationship.

        Your love story.

        It’s enough and YOU are my dream client.

        So come as you are, and let’s get this party started

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        All About Me

        I’m Jordynn, a photographer who focuses on weddings and elopements. I have been shooting professionally for 5 years and in that time I have learned to see the world from a different view. Behind the camera I’m a 21 year old who loves to experience new things, eat good food, snow ski in the winter, go boating in the summer, and watch documentaries with my husband while eating some popcorn and downing Cadbury eggs. 

        I love the feeling of going somewhere new. The anticipation that builds up before you get on an airplane and the exciting smell of a new city. I have a craving to see the world, but also an ache to be home with my family and friends. There really is nothing like being surrounded by people you love, who love you right back.

        If money didn’t exist, I would still be doing exactly what I’m doing today. All the hours spent behind a computer are 100% worth the reward of giving memories and moments to my couples. Chances are, I will be one of the wedding guests tearing up as the bride walks down the aisle. Hanging out with two people who love each other so deeply is the ultimate treasure. I want to be more than your photographer. I want to be your friend and your number one third wheel.

        My husband and I were married January of 2019. He is my number one fan, always pushing me to be my best in every way. Life is so much better with your best friend by your side.

        I’m all about creating work that speaks to you individually and as a couple. I believe the closest we will ever come to explaining how it feels to love someone with your whole heart is by images. I promise to give you my best and make this experience one you will not regret

        Everybody has their own story, I can’t wait to be the illustrator of yours.