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        hi there!

        I am about to take everything I have learned in my photography career, and give it all to you. If you are stuck in a creative rut, I hope to pull you out of the hole and help push you towards success and a new track that will get your heart pumping and mind racing with inspiration. I want to help you reach your goals and share what I have learned so you can find what works best for you on your journey.  
        Option 1
        2 hour mentorship session – $450
        Before we meet I will send you over a questionnaire so I can know exactly what you are wanting to gain from this meeting. Is the Instagram algorithm kicking your butt? Do you KNOW you need to raise your prices but you are scared of not booking? Do you need help finding an efficient workflow? Are potential clients ghosting you? Or it could even be something as simple as learning to shooting manual mode. Don’t worry, I am here to help! (also available to Skype/FaceTime if not located in Utah!)
        Option 2
        4 hour mentorship session – $700
        This is where the magic happens. We will shoot with a couple and you will have the chance to learn how I direct, interact, and use lighting to create my images. But bring your camera because this is your time to be creative, make some magic, and add to you portfolio. I will be the bird on your shoulder helping you direct and tell you how to improve when shooting to get better and more emotional images. After the shoot we will head to a nearby coffee shop and go over the images we just took. We will then continue with everything in option 1. (must be held within one hour of Salt Lake City, UT)

        “WE ARE DEAD. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Seeing these pictures has brought me to tears. They are so special to us. Thank you for capturing it perfectly!! We love you!”

        Ashley & Sawyer