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        This is one of the most common questions I get asked. And there isn’t just one simple answer. Nobody goes to sleep one night and wakes up with a dozen inquiries, 10k new instagram followers, 50k new viewers on Pinterest.

        There are so many steps you have to take in order for your work to be seen by more people than just your neighborhood. Here are five things I fit in my routine to expand my audience and get more inquiries.

        1 – HAVE GOOD, CONSISTENT CONTENT. When a client comes to your website, instagram profile, etc. the thing they are looking at is the images you take. If they don’t like the images or aren’t exactly sure what your style is, they are going to turn around. Harsh. But true.

        How to get more consistent and better images? Take classes, attend workshops, take a mentorship session. Learn how to take unique images and how to edit them to look even better. Create great content.

        2 – UTILIZE ALL FORMS OF SOCIAL MEDIA. You know those jeans you have that are just a little too big? But instead of putting on a belt to hold them up, you just rely on pulling up your pants all day. I mean, who would go through the hassle of putting on a belt in the morning? (maybe this is just me and this just got really awkward) USE A BELT. When you have the tool to keep your pants up, use it. Your pants are Instagram, and the belt is literally everything else. Pinterest, instagram, your website, facebook. Don’t rely on instagram to keep your business thriving. We have so many tools to help us grow our audience it is almost too easy.

        3 – NETWORK. I stress this to ever single person that books a mentorship session with me. Get connected with anyone and everyone because you never know who has a lead to that dream wedding you’ve been wanting to book. Each person in the industry has something to offer, plus you will make so many friends with similar interests. Someone I met at a workshop almost 4 years ago is still one of my best friends today.

        4 – KEYWORDS AND HASHTAGS. On pinterest, instagram, and your website. Make sure you are hash tagging and using key words that your consumer will be searching. Put yourself in their shoes and think what they would type into their search bar.

        5 – DON’T LET PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT YOU. I am nowhere near perfect at this one and I know I can do so much better. But do not let anyone forget you are there. Be present on social media, your website, your emails. Make sure your followers are interested in your work and always have something new to look at.

        Thank you for reading! I love talking about everything I have learned over the years and love watching people grow. If you want to learn more about these topics above and so much more, head here to help take your business to the next level.



        Photographer: Jordy B Photo

        MUA: Alexa Kait

        Models: Alexa + Laynee

        Studio: Studio Noire Noir

        Dresses: Bliss Tulle

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