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        There are two things in this world that speak straight to my soul. First is photography (obviously) and second is music. In my opinion, they go hand in hand. Each shoot I do has it’s own song, beat, and rhythm. Music and photographs both capture every type of emotion. When you see a picture of someone who has dealt with depression for the past ten years, you can see it in their eyes. When you hear a sad song, you feel the heartbreak of not just the person who wrote the song, but your OWN heartbreak. Looking at these pictures, I don’t just see a beautiful couple, breathtaking cliffs, and the endless sea in the background… I feel the rhythm of the waves crashing on the shore, hear the sound of the wind against my ear, and listen to the song playing in my head.

        Here are two songs I hear when I look through these pictures. Choose one and listen to it as you scroll through this love story.



        (p.s. HUGE thank you to Karissa and Wyatt for adventuring with us over these cliffs and walking on blistered feet the whole day)



        By: Prinze George

        Ends of the Earth

        By: Lord Huron



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