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        So listen.

        I’m about to tell you about something I feel very passionate about. Something I’ve been a little hesitant to share. But I can’t hold it in any longer. *disclaimer, if you do not feel the same way as me THAT’S OKAY*

        I don’t care if I am ghosted.

        What does ‘ghosted’ mean exactly? In this sense, it is when a client inquires with a business and then before officially booking they vanish (like a ghost.)

        It has become quite a hot topic in the industry and caused a lot of frustration for business owners. I COMPLETELY understand this frustration and I have had my fair share of ‘ghosts.’ You spend so much time and energy communicating with clients and so of course, when they end up going another route without informing you, it’s crushing.

        But here is why I don’t mind,

        As the owner of a photography business, I am my own salesman. And a salesman, it is my job to promote my product to the desired audience in order to get them to buy my product. But this does not guarantee that I will make a sale. Let me give you an example,

        My dad is a salesman for a block company. He spends hours of his time at lunches, on calls, in meetings, etc. with POTENTIAL clients in hopes they will like what he has to offer and buy his product. Often times, even after all of this the clients GHOST him. Can you believe it?

        It is all part of the process.

        Sometimes clients will send a “Hey I decided to go a different route!” and sometimes they vanish likes ghosts. Either is fine with me because as a salesman, you win some and you lose some and you don’t always get an explanation why.

        I know that if a client connects with me and I fit their needs, they will book me. So, I’m not too worried about ghosting because I like to focus my time and energy into my clients that have booked me and help them in any way I can. In the end, this is all about them.

        There is no right or wrong opinion on ‘ghosting,’ but I felt it important to be transparent and share my thoughts. Props to you if you made it through this whole rant. Now please scroll through these pictures of Brooke and Matt because I don’t know if I’ve ever seen happier smiles.

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