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        What can I bring to life for you?

        Commercial Photography

        Let Your Business
        Come to Life.

        I strive to create images that showcase your products to their full potential. These pictures will be your key to a successful business.

        Stay Out of the Shadows

        A great company isn’t meant to be stuck in the shadows. The content I will create for you will make your consumer feel your brand. 

        Priorities First

        One of the most important things you can do for your business is have good content. 

        Let me take it from here. 


        I will work hard to understand your vision for your business so I can give you images that will show off your products. 

        Display Your Why.

        Let me in on your purpose and everything you’re looking to achieve. I want to understand your vision so I can help it come to life. Give your business the unique content it needs to stand out. I can’t wait to be a part of your team. 

        Innovation, the ability to adapt, and always delivering content that will immerse your user into your brand. Imagine not having to say “swipe up”, “buy one get one cheaper”, what if your user was so immersed swiping up came naturally. 

        Looking forward to your message






        35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

        Jordy has done an incredible job with catching the vision, and aesthetic of our brand. She always makes time for us and is a super easy person to work with. We love Jordy! Highly recommend.

        35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

        Jordy is truly amazing at what she does, she has a natural talent for photography and the fact that she’s the kindest person ever is just the cherry on top! We’ve worked with her more times than I can count and she never disappoints. She always works hard to get photos delivered to us in a good amount of time and she’s so easy to communicate with. Love her so much!