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        After admiring their faces for at least a year, I FINALLY got to shoot with Nicolette (@nicolettepaige) and Colby (@colby_fratto). Their happiness and kindness shows in these pictures.  We were planning on shooting at this location for a hot second before heading out to Salt Lake City to hopefully get a “better” location. But as we started shooting, I realized something… It’s not about the location! Shooting in Salt Lake City instead of this random building wouldn’t have magically made the shoot better. So instead of focusing on WHERE we were shooting, I focused on WHAT I was trying to capture. I didn’t care about cool backgrounds or scenery. I wanted to focus on the emotion, connection, and story of our shoot which in the finished product would make the location amazing. TIP: Focus on WHO you are shooting to make your location amazing. Don’t focus on WHERE you are shooting to make WHO you are shooting look amazing.


        I added some iPhone pictures of the location we shot at so you can see what it looked like without the camera. Just the buildings of a local bookstore and salon supply store.




        IPHONE PICS:


        THE SHOOT:

        THIS IS REMARKABLE—you are wildly talented, GET IT GIRL!!! I look up to you immensely and am awe struck by your demonstration in making the utmost of your location / environment! You made this location into a dream, my jaw is on the floor.

        Oh my gosh this is the nicest thing! Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you said. Thank you thank you!!

        absolutely stunning shoot!!

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