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        With Halloween around the corner, we did not plan something scary and creepy to shoot. But decided to go with more of a ‘Dreamy, Whimsical’ feel. These two incredibly beautiful humans KILLED it. Alexa happens to be an amazing makeup artist and did the makeup for this shoot. She exceeded my expectations. And Tessa has the voice of an angel. Please go stalk both of them.

        Alexa’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexakait/

        Tessa’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessa_kaye/

        No butterfly’s were harmed in the making of this shoot. 


        I did a questions and answer on my instagram story last week and I got this same question about 10 times.

        “What is your number one tip to growing your business/following?”

        So I wanted to send you to a few places that have helped me and give you my top tips.


        Something that I have found taking up so much of my time and energy is social media and marketing. I would sit on my phone around 6/7pm every night and stress over what instagram caption I was going to put with a picture that I didn’t really like but knew I needed to post. It was draining and I grew to hate social media. Then I found the Tailwind app. Tailwind is an app that makes scheduled posts for you on instagram and Pinterest. I know there are a lot of planning apps out there… but this one has been my favorite. At the beginning of each week I sit down and add pins/posts to my Tailwind Queue. It not only saves me time, but it also keeps me emotionally sane. Here is a referral link for a 1 month free trial! https://www.tailwindapp.com/i/jordybphoto



        Ya know, I would have to say this is my number one tip.

        Let me give you some examples of how networking helped my business grow.

        I shot with a makeup artist who knew a bride that was needing a photographer. The bride booked me for her wedding that spring and then referred me to one of her friends and I also booked that wedding.

        I set up a shoot with a model and hair stylist. The model later booked me for her wedding and the hair stylist sent two people to me for their family pictures.

        When I got my very first inquiry for an out of state wedding I was so excited and I really wanted them to book with me. I decided to give them a little discount because I was so excited and to me, it was worth it because I had never traveled out of Utah before! After I shot and posted/blogged this particular wedding, I immediately got 3 more out of state inquiries! One was from a guest who I had given a business card to. (always keep business cards on hand when shooting weddings)

        You get the point. But MEET NEW PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY. Everyone knows someone, who knows another someone, who  could eventually need you to shoot for them. And you never know what new life-long friends you are going to make.



        Attending workshops and taking a mentor session were some of the best decisions I ever made for my business. Not only did I meet people who I still talk to today,  (see, networking) but I learned from photographers and business owners that inspired me. I know workshops and seminars can be expensive, but just think of the money and growth you will receive in return from the investments you make! One workshop I attended that I absolutely loved was the Alpine Northwest Workshop. This is where I met people who I still keep in touch with to this day.


        That is all I am going to share for today, but remember I offer mentorship sessions! Click here for more info.



        uhmmm if these aren’t the prettiest images i ever did see then i would be lying. jordy. you amaze me. also, your advice: gold! 🙌🏻

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