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        I recently had an ‘aha’ moment I wish I would’ve had when I was beginning my photography career. Early on I had a goal to find my ‘style’ and make sure I stuck to it so when people booked me, they knew what type of images they were going to receive. I felt pressured (mostly by myself) to find a style I could classify as ‘dark and moody’ or ‘light and airy.’ I was LOVING the dark, moody, warm images so I tried to find my niche in the moody world of photography. Editing was hard and frustrating. I would have shots that would probably look incredible if my style was light and airy, but that was not the look I was going for so I HAD to make the image fit into my style, because those were the rules I had set for myself. I felt stuck inside this box trying to get my images to ‘look’ a specific style.

        Now let me tell you my ‘aha’ moment…

        MY STYLE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CLASSIFIED BY TONE OR COLOR OR THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE IMAGES. My style is the way my images FEEL, the way it makes the couple FEEL, the way it makes me FEEL. Of course I still want to edit with the tones that I love, but I believe my biggest focus when shooting and editing should be the two people right in front of me. What am I trying to accomplish with my shoots? How do I want these two to feel when they scroll through this gallery? I want them to remember laughing their heads off when Colby picked Nicolette up and her swimsuit rode up her bum. Or when they were running out of the water and the rocks started to jab into Nicolette’s feet so she started to fall (picture at the very end.) And most of all, I want them to feel the perfectly imperfect love they share everyday.

        That is what I want my style to look like.



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