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        These presets are NOT for desktop use and are NOT the same presets I use on my professional images. These presets were created for mobile images and are to be used with the free Lightroom Mobile App. (No subscription necessary)

        These presets are made to enhance your everyday life images you take with your phone. Use #JBPmobile so I can see what you create!

        *All preset sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Any unauthorized distribution of #JBPmobile is prohibited.*

        Jordy B Mobile Presets

        I am so excited to share what has been highly requested. Jordy B Photo Mobile Presets! These presets were created to enhance your everyday mobile images. They have a similar look to my desktop presets but are not the same ones I use on my professional images. All you need to do is purchase the mobile presets, download the free Lightroom Mobile App, follow my installation guide below, and then you are set to try them out for yourself!


        *You must have access to a computer to download these presets*