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        Lately I have felt stuck inside a box that has a huge sign on the front of it saying “No Creativity Allowed.” I love photography and it is my passion, but it can be so difficult to stay creative. One minute I’m on a creative high, and the next I don’t even have a single creative bone in my body. I kept trying to step outside my box and do something that wasn’t me. But, I realized that I didn’t need to get outside of my box, I just needed to take off the sign. One day I was scrolling through Amazon (always saving lives, am I right?) and I found this diamond and the rest is history.

        Thanks to Makenna (@makenna_alyse on instagram) for helping me take this idea from my brain to the camera. If you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, try adding something new to a shoot. Mix things up a bit, but still stay true to yourself and do something YOU want to do. You can still be creative inside your box. Even if the idea sounds crazy or stupid, you never know what magic you can create.



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