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        your heart pumping and mind racing with inspiration.

        Take A Leap

        I am about to take everything I have learned in my photography career, and give it all to you. If you are stuck in a creative rut, I hope to pull you out of the hole and help push you towards success and a new track that will get your heart pumping and mind racing with inspiration. I want to help you reach your goals and share what I have learned so you can find what works best for you on your journey.


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        2 hours - $500

        Before we meet I will send you over a questionnaire so I can know exactly what you are wanting to gain from this meeting. We will meet at a local coffee shop and go over all your questions. It can be anything from improving your editing, tackling Instagram, growing your Pinterest, how to set your pricing, or anything else you feel a need to learn more about. Money spent on improving your business and expanding your learning is never a waste. Let's take you to the next level! (also available to Skype/FaceTime if not located in Utah)

        People Say

        Jordy, is actually one of the first photographers that caught my eye with her work that inspired me to do better and go the extra mile. Never settle for less. I loveeeee her shots. They are so amazing that she stands out and is different from others. I love her personality. She definitely provided me with so much advice ad taught me a lot of things I never learned and I'm so glad I chose her as my mentor. I really didn't want to pay the money for a mentor because I wasn't sure if it as going to be worth it, BUT this session was definitely worth every penny and I got my moneys worth. Excited to see where I am in the next 3 to 6 months with what I learned. Definitely 1000% service.

        - N I N A