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        This shoot was SO fun. Anytime I am shooting a couple that is goofy, happy, and 100% themselves I get so excited because I know the pictures will turn out good.

        I am going to walk you through each of these poses and how I directed them. Give you a little behind the scenes of my shoots and how I get real laughs and emotion out of them!

        The typical “mom pose” Simple. Tell them to look at me and smile, turn the girl diagonal and the boy with his shoulders square towards me.

        All of these below are the “hold hands and walk.” This is a staple for me because I can get so many different angles and they can do it anywhere. It gives a little bit of movement and is easy to capture the look on their faces. I say things like “walk like you’re drunk,” “walk towards me and bump hips while you walk like bumper cars,” “Braden lead Morgan towards me and look back at her as she walks, try not to trip”

        More versions of “the walk” but with some variations. I like to have them walk in different poses. In this first picture I told Morgan to grab his arm and walk close together. Then I told them to run towards me like they are going to hit into me. A personal favorite is to have Braden wrap his arm around Morgan’s shoulder and have them walk. It feels super awkward to walk like this and even more awkward to have Braden kiss her on the forehead while doing it. Awkward moments always bring out laughs haha

        The finger kiss. Not the hand kiss because then you can’t see her ring. But the middle finger. This is perfect for showcasing her ring while still getting their faces in the frame.

        “Both of you face me, grab hands, and now walk like you are on a tightrope.” BOOM. Works every time.

        Another favorite. Piggy back rides. I like to tell the groom to try and knock her off his back and she has to hold on, like a bull haha. Or tell her to put her arms out like she is an airplane.

        These are all very “posey” shots. But I love them. Simple but pretty. To get a good serious face or soft smile out of the couple, tell them to “look bored.”

        Sitting down with her kneeling behind him. This gives me a chance to get in close on their faces without being below them (I’m really short haha.) I tell her to whisper a secret in his ear, kiss his cheek, tickle him, etc.

        In these pictures I put Braden behind Morgan and told him things like “sniff her hair, whisper in her ear, kiss her cheek” and then to get a little bit more movement, (because I love movement) I tell them to sway back and forth. If I wanted a bit more of a serious look on their faces, I would tell them to melt into each other, close their eyes, and breathe together. Also that eye roll is the best. I always try to snap the ‘in-between’ moments that really show their personalities and will make them laugh when they see them.

        Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. If you don’t know already, I offer mentorship sessions and would love to teach you everything I know and have learned. Click here for more info


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