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        Photographer: Jordy B Photo (@jordy_b.photo)
        Model: Lara Wilson (@lara.lee.wilson)
        Makeup Artist: Marisa Rose (@marisarosemph)
        Studio: Be More Creative Studios

        As I was scrolling through my instagram feed last night, (you know the typical nightly routine of getting completely sucked into a black hole of stalking your high school friend’s boyfriend’s brother who recently got engaged to a girl that has the cutest dog) I noticed I was following some accounts that I didn’t love. They weren’t bad accounts or anything, but they didn’t reflect who I was and I didn’t really love the content they were posting. I remember following them only because a photographer I admire had said they loved them. So of course, by default I felt as if I should like them as well.

        Why, why, why, am I following an account JUST because one of my favorite photographers follows them? Because I will become more like them if I love the same things they love? Because if I follow an account they love, then I will start to like the same things as them which will make me become more like them and eventually we will be the same person and have the same success?


        I sometimes feel as if I have to be a specific person in order to fit the “stereotype” of a destination, traveling, hippie bride, wedding photographer. BUT GUESS WHAT?! You don’t have to shop at thrift stores to be an adventurous, destination wedding photographer. You don’t have to like the same brands that all the cool people are raving about. You don’t have to eat organic foods. (But if you do that is amazing and props to you) You don’t have to try and like things that are ‘different’ and ‘non-main stream.’ Because how DARE you listen to the same bands as everyone else and have the same taste in music as another human on this planet. That would be OUTRAGEOUS.

        You can just be you.

        I know that may seem insane.

        You can follow accounts you like to look at. You can wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. You can listen to music even if 500 of your friends listen to it too. You can eat trash food that is so processed you might explode.

        Not a single thing I mentioned above contributes to being a good wedding photographer. You can love listening to Hannah Montana and still take killer wedding photos on the edge of amazing cliffs. I’m not trying to say that if you do like any of the things I listed, you are trying to be a ‘copy-cat’ or I don’t like the things you do. My point is, you are allowed to have your own opinion and find things that interest YOU. Not anyone else.

        Every person is going to have their own opinion and I might not like the same instagram accounts as another photographer. AND THAT’S OKAY. We are just not the same person and that is the beauty of this amazing job. No two photographers are the exact same. Each photographer is unique in their own quirky ways and I love that.

        Focus on the things that inspire you. Love what makes your heart happy. Listen to music that helps you escape.



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