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        I took these pictures of Reggie and Kendall and not only are they adorable couple but Reggie is an amazing videographer and photographer and you need to go look at her stuff right now  https://www.reggieannfilm.com/

        Now, let’s get down to business. (please tell me you finished that line)

        I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a ‘good’ wedding? What defines a wedding as fun, authentic, cheesy, boring, lame, exciting, one-of-a-kind?

        I have attended many weddings, as you can imagine, and no two weddings are the same. There is something that makes each wedding unique and it isn’t the table decorations, ceremony location, or even the pictures.  Their love story is being told as the day goes on. A new chapter is starting and they are starting it TOGETHER. There could be two separate weddings, both in the exact same place with the exact same vendors and it would still look/feel completely different. Why? Because they are two completely different love stories. If you are a future bride/groom reading this, make your wedding how you want it and don’t stress too much about the little things because the person you are about to marry, is the most important part of that day. Your unique love story is what will make that day so different and special.

        Thanks for bearing through that slightly cheesy post, now please enjoy some cute pictures


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