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        I love answering questions about photography. What’s better than talking about your passion and what you love? A couple weeks ago, I asked on instagram what questions people had for me and the response I received was incredible. When I was first starting out as a photographer, I had so many questions. Part of me wanted to message one hundred photographers and find my answers, but the other part of me felt dumb for asking simple questions. So, I resulted to YouTube to avoid humiliation.

        Well, can I tell you a secret? EVERYONE STARTS SOMEWHERE. Nobody becomes a good photographer overnight. It takes practice, time, research, and asking questions! Yes, even the simple ones. In hopes of helping even one person, I am writing this blog post. Below are some questions I have been asked over the past 3 weeks. I had to add these gorgeous bridals to mix. They seem fitting because after this shoot I felt so inspired. I left feeling like I had captured Courtney and Jace’s unique love and helped them tell their adventures.



        Q: What camera do you use? What are your favorite lenses?

        A: I have a canon 5D Mark iii and iv. My favorite lenses are my 35mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4. However if you cannot afford the 5D mark iii or iv, I always recommend the canon 6D. I used to own one and I absolutely loved it. I personally do not shoot zoom lenses often. I like the blown out background that prime lenses can give.


        Q: Do you use a flash at indoor receptions with low light or do you crank up the ISO?

        A: Flash! I have an on camera flash (speed lite) that I use. Sometimes if I am wanting a moody shot I will turn off my flash and crank up my ISO. But for dancing shots, cake cutting, etc. I always use flash


        Q: How do you start? I have never done a wedding before but got asked to shoot one.

        A: My suggestion would be to ask a photographer that maybe you know if you can tag along with them to their next wedding. Offer to carry their bag or flash. Being at a wedding and experiencing the timeline of how everything goes is really helpful. Once you feel comfortable with the flow of things, second shoot a wedding, then do one on your own. Just make sure when you are the main shooter that you are confident. Even if you are about lose your mind. Fake it till you make it!


        Q: Do you have your clients sign contracts? Where did you get your contracts?

        A: Yes!! Always ALWAYS have your clients sign a contract. I had a lawyer create mine. But some people I know use thelawtog.com so you could check that out too!


        Q: How do you know where to shoot?

        A: In my opinion, it’s not about the location. I think a good photographer can take the most boring location and make it look amazing. Focus more on lighting. I usually go location “scouting” to try and find new places to take pictures. I like to shoot at different locations. But when I do shoot at the same location a lot, I try to make it look like a new location.


        Q: What is the most stressful part of a wedding day?

        A: I think it depends on the wedding. The ceremony is usually the most stressful. Especially if I do not have a second shooter with me. It is hard for one person to get all the angles I want.


        Q: How can I get better at photography?

        A: Practice. Every single photographer has to practice. Even the best of the best. Photographers are constantly learning new things and there is always something to improve on. Take a class, shoot with another photographer, set up a styled shoot, challenge yourself by shooting in different lighting situations.


        Q: How do you get clients?

        A: Instagram, pinterest, my website/blog, word of mouth, facebook, twitter, referrals. There are so many tools you can use to get clients. But to start, make sure you have a good portfolio for people to look at. If someone refers a friend to you, they are going to want to see your work.


        Q: But what if I want to shoot weddings but I’ve never shot one before? How am I supposed to build a portfolio?

        A: Styled shoots!!! Set up a styled shoot that you can add to your portfolio.


        Q: How did you get started so young?

        A: Luckily, I knew what I wanted to do at a young age. But age is just a number. Just because I started at 16 doesn’t mean I am any further ahead than someone who starts at 30.


        That’s all folks!


        Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to do more blog posts like this so stay tuned. Comment what else you want to hear from me!





        Where is this? I am getting engaged soon and hoping to do an elopement similar! I would love to chat soon!

        Hi! It is called Albion Basin in Utah! It is beautiful but not open in the winter as it is a ski resort. And the flowers only bloom 2 weeks out of the year, usually the end of July/beginning of August. If you do go here make sure to get a permit or they will fine you!

        Where is this !

        I absolutely love this blog post!!! I’m a beginner and this post actually answered my questions that’s been repeating itself in my head lol. I actually took a leap of faith and asked one of the photographers out here where I am located for tips and to shadow, I haven’t gotten an answer even though I watch YouTube’s, take classes for photography to help me, follow photographers on IG to help me and look on Pinterest.

        Love this post!!!

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